Experience in Leading-Edge Solutions

Placido Consulting LLC is a telecom and entertainment consulting company focused on emerging technologies and applications. Placido Consulting extends its reach and capabilities through the complementary expertise of a network of partners and associates, responding to a broad spectrum of client needs with custom integrated solutions and advisory services.

The convergence of data, video and voice is becoming a reality at an accelerated pace. The implications are not only blurring borders between services that were traditionally separate, but also new business models enabled by the fusion of the computing and communication worlds.

There is an inflexion point in today’s services and applications caused by the enabling characteristics of broadband multi-service platforms. As network applications evolve toward media-rich, on demand architectures, you need to rely on sources that understand not only current products and services but also the changes taking place underneath the surface.

We are very familiar with the telecommunication industry and its dynamics. Our intuitive management has a track record of anticipating technology-driven opportunities and trends. Through a seasoned experience in data, video and telephony converged systems and networks we can support your advisory needs, find and provide the right solution.