Carlos Placido

Experience in Leading-Edge Solutions

Carlos Placido is an independent business consultant and senior satcom analyst with twenty-four years of international experience in the areas of strategic consulting, business planning, channel-partner development and R&D. He started his independent consulting practice in 2006, after twelve years of management and engineering-level experience on the convergence of data, video and voice traffic across satellite and terrestrial networks. Carlos is known and respected for his analytical skills and foresight, which allow him to identify overarching trends, anticipate industry shifts and find or develop innovative solutions to complex business or technology challenges.

Before starting his consulting career, Carlos led an R&D team of principal and senior engineers at the INTELSAT Technology Development Lab in Washington, D.C. where he had the opportunity to be exposed to a range of emerging technologies before they became available or mature for satellite use. As the manager of data and video development initiatives, he was responsible for identifying and validating new technologies with business potential for the introduction of innovative products and enhancement of existing services. His team’s core activities at INTELSAT were in the areas of IP television (IPTV), broadband multicasting and wireless backhauling; having made significant contributions on advanced video systems, IP throughput boosting, content delivery and high-speed satcom. Several of the initiatives spearheaded and validated by Carlos’ R&D team helped to solve real problems and prompted INTELSAT to pursue patent protection or commercial productization. Examples of his team’s fruitful record include the development of industry’s first satellite LAN-to-LAN solution, the management and implementation of a monitoring system for a new Latin America video neighborhood; early validation efforts on use of dynamic SCPC for wireless sat-backhauling; and research and validation on advanced IPTV coding and modulation technologies (incl. MPEG4/AVC & DVB-S2) which led to the launch of INTELSAT´s wholesale high-definition “Headend-in-The-Sky” IPTV platform in the United States.

Prior to joining INTELSAT in 1999, Carlos was a specialist engineer with Telintar, the international telecom carrier of Argentina, where he engineered and managed the implementation of capital-intensive ground-network infrastructure projects including teleport earth stations (standard A & B antenna systems), digital switching transport systems (TDM), carrier-grade voice compression (DCME) and the custom design of a transportable satellite station for occasional-use international events. Prior to joining Telintar, he spent two years as a post-sales network engineer at Impsat (now Level3  CenturyLink), directly interfacing with enterprise clients and troubleshooting their hybrid satellite-terrestrial networks.

Currently, as senior consultant, Carlos Placido conducts research and consulting projects globally and is a regular contributor to specialized industry publications and events. He also developed and administrates Satcom Post, a free online professional knowledge-sharing platform. Carlos holds an MBA degree from the University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business, an engineering degree from the University of Buenos Aires, and a Graphic Design degree from the Pan-American School of Arts.