Strategic Technology Assessment

Placido Consulting has a proven track record of anticipating and acting upon technology-driven innovations and market opportunities.

Innovation is key for growth because cost containment alone cannot drive earnings growth on a sustainable basis. If you lack the in-house resources and/or the time necessary to play this game, you may want to consider outside support.

In the fast-paced telecommunications and entertaintment industries, players seek highly profitable innovative products and services early in their evolution cycle to stay ahead of the commoditization game. The competitive landscape has shifted from firm-centric view of value creation towards a more open environment in which service providers, partners and customers jointly work in a networked fashion to create value.

We understand these changes taking place and can help your company be ready for a new competitive environment. We support many elements of the technology acquisition cycle, including:

  • Strategic Technology Assessment;
  • Product Development;
  • Technology Demonstration/ Validation;
  • Systems Engineering;
  • Systems Production and Installation management.


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