DTH CDN – Time to start thinking outside the (set-top) box

September 2015 -

“What if DTH and HTS interplayed with CDN?

A few answers might be found if taking a different perspective, looking at satellites in new ways more intertwined with the Internet space, and not just as unicast or broadcast “pipes”. Future opportunities for satellite TV/video networks will likely be found by re-exploring satellites´ inherent advantages in multicast content distribution; interworking with the changes taking place in the media, telecom, computing and Internet spaces.

It seems indeed a good time to undust old concepts (even past failures) and re-explore the role that satellites could realistically play in content delivery networks (CDN) by leveraging wide beam and spot beam satellite resources smartly.

I would argue that HTS and DTH players have an opportunity to play a part in this increasingly non-linear video environment, with DTH set top boxes potentially acting as Federated CDN edge nodes. – My next article will explore this concept in more depth.”

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