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“I have worked with Carlos for about two years. From the very beginning, I have been impressed with Carlos’ in-depth knowledge in satellite encoding and modulation technologies for advanced video networks, IP networks and services as well as developments in growing areas like IPTV, business networking and various consumer and voice IP services over satellite. More importantly, Carlos has the ability to step beyond the technologies to understand the overall market trends that are driving satellite applications in these areas and to foresee convergence both on the technology and business levels of the industry. Carlos is also well connected into the Latin American satellite sector and has been a valuable resource for me personally and NSR as a whole when it comes to insights into the specific players in the region and for his personal contacts among those same companies. Overall Carlos has been an excellent addition to the NSR team and I continue to look forward to working with him and count on his opinions and views on developments within the satellite industry.”

Patrick French, Senior Analyst, Northern Sky Research

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