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“I am happy to recommend Carlos Placido as a trusted and proven consultant, with a combination of skills, experience and passion that is unique and highly effective. 

As former NSR colleagues, I had the opportunity to work with Carlos on strategic consulting projects and was consistently impressed by his knowledge and by how accurately he can paint the future. Carlos has the ability to understand market and technology forces and to anticipate industry shifts or disruptions well ahead they become visible to others, making his analytical work very valuable for companies strategizing on emerging opportunities. 

Several of his predictions on industry shifts have proven to be correct. Such predictions have –indeed- been well documented for 12 years in articles posted on specialized magazines and are still publicly available; such as when Carlos was interviewed by Via Satellite magazine on the future of DTH and he mentioned that DirecTV and others could become part of someone else’s business given lack of triple-play independence. DirecTV was acquired by AT&T years later. Similarly, he described a peer-to-peer startup company called Octoshape as “Akamai at the edge” and Akamai acquired Octoshape 6 years later. His anticipations on IPTV, mobile TV social networks and other aspects of our industry are also documented. More recently he has shared his vision on the evolution of satellite communications on aspects like HTS business models, network virtualization and satcom ecosystems that, given his record, could also prove to be correct over time. 

As a great example of Carlos’ foresight and analytical skills, below is a link to an outstanding article he authored, which touches on so many diverse points, and does so in a very eloquent, and also highly efficient way. The foresight and the bringing together of many diverse topics is impressive. Overall, a really excellent, and indeed still very relevant piece 10 years later!

Finally, on a personal level, Carlos has always been easy to work with. He works hard, always provides more than what was asked for, and is a great mentor to younger analysts. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Carlos for anyone looking to gain deeper insights on the satellite telecoms space.”

The End of the Platform Wars as We Know it

Blaine Curcio; Founder at Orbital Gateway Consulting – Hong Kong University of Science & Technology MBA

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